Product ID: ATP-04

Discover the Active Stylus

What is 2.0mm active stylus? How could we decrease the size of the tip?
The most common stylus in current market is size 6-8mm tip.
To achieve a design of 2.0 mm, we are not only have to look into making many of the components inside the design smaller, but also insert a circuit board inside the pen.
The goal is to create a responsive touching experience that follows the movement of your hand.


Active stylus reacts to a light touch just like pen writing on paper.
Capturing your sketching and writing in your own handwriting.
As a result, using New Active stylus is that much more engaging and delightful.


The seamless integration between touch screen and stylus makes everything you do on tablet just feel more creative, responsive and fluid. The flawless stylus creates the most natural way to interact with your tablet and smart phone.


Cleaner, simpler and compact design with five decidedly uncommon color options.
Polished gun metal electroplating combined with fine finished octagon rotate power-switch.


Golden Right Co., Ltd., was founded in 1981, is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing promotional touch pen, ball pen, USB flash pen, laser pointer pen and other related products. We supply reliable products with high performance and competitive pricing all over the world. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or enquiries of our products.
  • A new generation of ATP-04 is simulated using a circuit board sensors characteristics, active transmitter signals to drive the touch panel.
  • The technology enables the touch pen tip reduce to 2.0mm.
  • Enhance accuracy in the writing and drawing
  • Rubber tip helps to avoid your screen from scratch
  • Durable soft tip gives more smooth and flexible
  • Use the built-in battery 3A, up to a total using time of 20 hours .
  • Appearance uses minimalist lines with high plating texture, showing the beauty of fashion and technology.