Mdiza touch pen

Product ID: MDZ-TP

Product introduction

Madiza touch pen to emphasize our patent tip. Breaking through the rough rubber touch in the traditional market, Madiza emphasize that is more durable, close to real ball point pen touch, as well as is not easy to tear and have created “conductive fabric tip, letting you who touch pen and not letting to worry about not durable and unsmooth issues.Therefore, we’ve design 3 optional colors, making the different characteristics user enjoy the different sense of reality, does who you want to be!

Turn it over, blooming tender passion.

Equally balance between pen and ink pen, ball pen symbolized pursue exquisite firmness and rigid. Touch pen roam freely in this unrestrained world of information, seem firm and under surface with passionate romance.

Smoothness beyond comparison.

Are you still looking for more durable touch pen, more like ball pen kind of a feeling, Madiza patent tip, break through the rough rubber tip in the market, conductive fabric tip emphasize durable and really smooth as silk, always record all your fleeting fine though.

The noble detail.

Streamline shape pen body with beak shape clip that show your noble and extraordinary.

Model     :  MDZ-TP
China     :  ZL 2010 2 0259850.0
Taiwan   :  M393735
USA       :  US8319754 B2 
Compatible with:  all capacitive touch screen
Length   :  137mm
Weight   :  30g±0.5g









型號      :  MDZ-TP
中國專利:   ZL 2010 2 0259850.0
台灣專利:   M393735
美國專利:   US8319754 B2 
長度      :  137mm
重量      :  30g±0.5g