iPhone case

Product ID: MDZ-CS

Product introduction
The Madiza cell phone cover is different from others products, beside for the outward appearance, emphasized the functionality. Common cover emphasized the protection of cell phone, but did not have other function matching. But Madiza did it. We’ve combined touch pen and touch screen products together and created cover with touch pen slot, easy for consumers when needed freely for graphic of writing. Beside, we’ve design a very unique slot, letting the cell phone can fix in the angle that oneself like! No matter briefing or video recording, even playing the game, during controls the cell phone, like operating a computer, not only function, no matter what you choose, the angle as you desire!
Inspiration always unexpected.
Madiza especially made touch pen holder, readily available, write and draw on and go, share any moment does not let off each spark to jump the present instance.div>

To face squarely to you cell phone.
The ultra intuition assembly adds on exclusive slot design, making cell phone stand erect or recline, becomes prepare the bulletin and video recording stand, best helper to shares and enjoy the brilliant movie. Design of angle user-friendly, to get rid of hand muscular pains, benumb neck, cellholics, start to squarely to you cell phone.

Hold cell phone tight, get hold of opportunity.
Presist “Madiza” is exquisite and subtle, From the back cover to touch pen are exquisitely carve to each detail, lets the Madiza multipurpose cell cover and you are equally concise, the beautiful and high sense of reality. Except for attracting eye-catching, the back specially-made skid prevention strip makes you grip the wisely, get hold of opportunity.

Product:iPhone case
Model   :MDZ-CS
Size      :126mmX70mmX9.5mm
Weight   30g
place of origin :China


除此之外,我們更設計了獨家的插槽設計,讓手機可以固定在自己喜歡的角度!不管是簡報、錄影,甚至是玩遊戲,此時操控手機,就像在操作一台電腦一樣,不僅功能任你挑選, 角度也由你決定!


產品:iPhone case